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20% invest SMART Finance benefits
Corporate investment fund

SDI goals


Attracting funds from many individual investors, by issuing and selling their shares and further professional investment of such pooled resources in various projects in order to obtain and distribute profits among investors

Smart Development Investments - corporate investment funds for specific projects, attracting funds from individual investors

  • 20%
    Profitability capital investor per year
  • 6 years
    Doubling capital
  • 3 years
    Average project duration
  • 10к
    The minimum amount of investment
Why invest in real estate??
  • Long-term benefits
  • Experience
  • Effective solutions
  • Transparency
  • The most effective way to get a stable income

In our opinion, working for the future is a good basis for creating a unique environment for the implementation of interesting projects and capital increase.



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Zelena 111

Modern public spaces for recreation, availability of parking spaces, smart home management system, open and affordable financing tools.

Philosophy is a place where you want to breathe, walk, live. This residential complex is about acoustic comfort for life and rest, which will become a place of your freedom!


About the company


Development project management company
Smart Estate, which is part of the international group of companies NOVELEX.
The team's experience includes 3 completed development projects with an area of 80,000 m2, 36 completed construction projects with more than 800,000 m2, including 30 in Europe with 500,000 m2, 6 ongoing projects, including 4 in Europe.


Smart Estate - implementation of development projects from design and construction to operation.

Creating quality real estate through comprehensive project implementation and optimal execution of construction works.
Promotion of Ukrainian experience and potential in this field on international markets.
- comfortable and aesthetic space for residents from the youngest to the oldest
- European approach to the balance of storeys of buildings, public functions and mobility infrastructure
- barrier-free environment according to the best world practices and social responsibility of business
-smart response to today's environmental challenges

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